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Corporation "Etalon" brings together over 20 companies that deal in buses, trucks and components for the automotive industry. The existing production facilities of the corporation can produce up to 8,000 vehicles per year. "Etalon" introduced the quality management system ISO 9001:2008, in all stages of vehicle production and each vehicle passes through 50 different kinds of tests, including landfill, road and stand. Etalon today commands a top slot because of its continued effort to ensure quality products. Over the years Etalon has produced and sold over 15000 vehicles in the territory of Ukraine, CIS, Africa and Asia. Etalon manufactures buses for all applications on the chassis from Tata Motors Limited, which ensures the best parts and components being used in the vehicles. Also Etalon focuses on the distribution of commercial trucks for all major applications.

UkrAvto / ZAZ

Branch "Universal Motors Group (UMG)", a business unit of UkrAVTO Corporation, began operations in Commercial vehicles segment in 2004. The focus of the company is distribution of

1) Commercial Trucks & Pick Up : Since 2004, UMG has been ensuring new offers on TATA trucks and hence was able to achieve the leading position in the market in its first 6 months of business and has thereafter has been successful in maintaining the leadership.

2) Buses: In addition to the trucks, UMG provides the customers with various buses with different seating capacities for all applications.

To ensure reliable operation of commercial vehicles in all the regions of Ukraine, UMG have established their own service network. Service centers are located in each of the 24 regions and each Service Center is equipped with highly qualified personnel, and with modern equipment and necessary spare parts stock.


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